Bruno Banani Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Bruno Banani is a German fashion brand perhaps best known for their cheeky underwear and fun fragrances. While you might not realize from the name, Bruno Banani was launched as an Americanised restart of Tricotex, a company owned by the DDR in the old East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. When Germany was united founder Wolfgang Jassner turned the now failing company into the Bruno Banani we know today.

The inspiration came from the American fashion scene and Bruno Banani was intended as a counter-reaction against the stiff and boring clothes the company had to make while under GDR rule, leading the company to adopt the slogan “Not For Everyone”. With lingerie and boxers in eye-popping colours Bruno Banani soon became a bit of cult brand. They would also go on to be known for their daring stunts and product launches such as having adventurer Achill Moser cross 10.000 km of desert in 120 days, outfitted with Bruno Banani underwear. The brand is also the first to test their products in space, following no-gravity experiments undertaken at the MIR space station in 1998.

The very first fragrance launched for women was Bruno Banani For Women (2001). It's a seductive combination of orange, ivy, peach and creamy vanilla in the base, sold ina striking pink bottle. Magic Woman (2009) is the female version of the best-seller Magic Man and features sensual and intoxicating notes such as melon, passion fruit, champagne and wild strawberries for a cute and sweet scent that lingers and develops during the day.
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