CK One Summer 2018 by Calvin Klein

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CK One Summer 2018 by Calvin Klein is a sweet fruity fragrance for men and women.

From the first CK One Summer special edition launched in 2004, till this flanker from 2018, we must say that Calvin Klein is onto something. Each and every one of the summer scents is different, and each and every one is a great little gem to add to your scent collection.

This 2018 unisex flanker comes in a radiant turquoise bottle dedicated to the blue summer sky. You also get a neat little stack of stickers to customise the bottle to your personal taste. How does the fragrance smell like? You are greeted with a fresh citrusy opening that dries down into a creamy heart of guava, pineapple and white flowers. The main accord is coconut, which forms the base with hints of cedar.
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