DKNY Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Famous for the sweet scent of summer, golden delicious apples and fab but versatile items, DKNY is a huge women's fashion house that is based in New York and has gathered more and more success over it's 30 and more years in existence. Following a successful 10-year long career working as a head designer for Anne Klein, Donna Karan developed a sterling reputation amongst the company's then business owners as one of the best designers around and consequently received the opportunity, along with her husband, to set up business on her own, which she did in 1984.

Nestled amongst the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Jasper Conran and John Galliano, Donna Karan quickly became one of the leading contributers to the exploding era of the 80s. Bright and colourful prints became popular, as did experimental fashion, meaning that Karan's first collection entitled 'seven easy pieces' would be a huge success. The idea behind the debut collection was a collection of pieces that could be worn and glammed up from day to night – women became an instant fan of this idea saving them precious wasted hours and meaning that they had more time to socialise!

Inspired by her daughter, Donna Karan set up the DKNY label in 1989 as a younger, more affordable range of what she already offered, to run alongside her existing Donna Karan New York label. Many of the ranges that exist today have stemmed from the original DKNY brand including DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active, DKNY Underwear for both men and women, DKNY Juniors, DKNY Kids, DKNY Pure and DKNY Men. In 2001 the Donna Karan Home Collection was launched, which housed a home and accessory collection with a traditional but luxury feel - soon after, DKNY Home was launched, which offered a funkier, more urban, chic and more contemporary collection.

In 1992 the Donna Karan Beauty Collection was launched and specialised in making the finest fragrances and scents that women would love. DKNY is one of the best selling fragrances to date, always appearing in or very near the top 10 of best loved scents in any year and becoming a global success. The first scent was launched in 1992 and entitled 'Donna Karan for Women' and two years later the male companion to this scent was released. With nearly 100 fragrances in their vast collections, Donna Karan has spent most of the 'naughties' listening to what her men and women consumers want to wear, and just like with her clothes she has focussed on creating a range of scents that are versatile enough to be worn during both the day and night.

The mission of DKNY is one that is based on an intuative understanding of a woman's needs and desires and all the collections that fall under this high end luxury brand embodies their passion for luxury, sensuality, comfort and creative expression, and none more so than through their range of perfumes. Some of their most well known collections include 'Essence Collection', Donna Karan Collection, DKNY Pure, DKNY Women various editions, Cashmere Mist and some of the newest collections including DKNY Be Delicious City Blossom (2014), DKNY Be Delicious (2012), DKNY Delicious Candy Apples (2010 / 2011) and DKNY Sweet Delicious Collection (2012). The majority of fragrances from this super sensuous scent giant are aimed towards women, as Donna Karan felt that she could relate to them a lot more through her work, however this did not mean that men were neglected in any way.
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