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Dana Chantilly - For Her

By: Dana   Released: 1941

Chantilly by Dana is a fresh, floral and woody fragrance for women.

This sensual and soft scent brings forth a feeling of romance and mystery. It contains notes of sandalwood, moss and orange blossom. Chantilly is a warm and elegant classic which is a soft as French lace.

Chantilly by Dana was launched in 1941.

Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 60ml Spray
Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 105ml SprayLovely old timer
Carina Grundström,
Review for "Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 105ml Spray" version

The fragrance features fruity notes, bergamot, neroli, citruses, spicy notes, cloves, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, orange blossom, leather, tonka bean, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vanilla and sandalwood. It can be worn in all seasons. Suits any occasion. Sillage is soft and inoffensive.This is a safe blind buy for just about anyone, because it's so low priced, but it may not be suitable for those who like more modern or sharp scents

Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 60ml SprayA oldie but a goody
Angela Sheffield,
Review for "Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 60ml Spray" version

I love this perfume It lasts well on the has been years since I have used this perfume and was surprised when it was on sale again.

Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 60ml SprayClassic, powdery
Alice - DK,
Review for "Dana Chantilly Eau de Toilette 60ml Spray" version

This smells like something my first-grade teacher used to wear, back in the 70s. A powdery vanilla scent that deepens the longer it stays on the skin. Despite the lemony opening, the fragrance feels very warm, almost stuffy. If you're nostalgic about scents, this one might be for you.


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