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Dana Tabu - For Her

By: Dana   Released: 1932

Tabu by Dana is an oriental and floral fragrance for women.

The aroma is an exceptional blend of citruses, neroli, coriander and warm spices in the top, a heart of cloves, ylang-ylang, rose and narcissus on a base of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and precious woods.

Created in Barcelona in the 1930’s, Tabu was the first scent released by Dana. It has been described as “the very essence of sensuality and passion” and the “forbidden perfume”. With its unusual name and pioneering composition, Dana has been fascinating women from all over the world for decades. Try this classic but timeless vintage scent as Eau de Cologne or as sensual body lotion, dusting powder or deodorant spray.

Tabu was launched by Dana in 1932.

Dana Tabu Deodorant Spray 150ml
Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Sprayvery happy with the service
Lesley Calder,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

quick to arrive and fair value, A perfume I hadn't seen for a long time. would buy from you again

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayFound it at last
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

Thank you very much for having this in stock. It is the most lovely of perfumes. I used to buy this in spain many years ago. It is the only perfume that will stay on me for more than an hour. Now I know where it is ,I will be back. Do you do the soap as well as I used to buy that also. Such a lovely smell.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayGorgeous perfume
Elaine Standen,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

I have been using this perfume for some time now. It's not overly expensive but it always smells divine on my skin. I have many perfumes that i love but sadly cannot always get a whiff of them on me after a couple of hours but not with this Perfume all through the day every now and then i get a reminder of why i love it so much by noticing it's lovely fragrance. It simply suits my skin..My clothes smell lovely in the wash basket and i always, without fail, every time i am wearing it, get compliments, What more can a girl ask for.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayTabu perfume in box
Shirley Killigrew,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

Lovely perfume used before couldn't buy in shops so great to purchase from you, lovely smell and great value nice smell too

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 68ml SprayDana Tabu Cologne
margaret donald,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 68ml Spray" version

Retro fragrance for friend . I haven't sampled but recall it as heady spicy fragrance . Great size bottle . Courier delivery .

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayDANA TABU EAU DECEMBER COLOGNE 100 ML SPRAY
Auriol Stewart,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

I LOVE Tabu have worn it for over fifty years, and I am always being asked what perfume I am wearing because it smells lovely. I was so pleased at the service I received from Perfume Click. Will use them again Auriol.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 105ml SprayBest everyday perfume.
Gil McWilliams,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 105ml Spray" version

I've been buying and using Tabu since forever. People always remark on my perfume and it lasts and lasts. I've bought it for others who have said how much they like it. So yes a great product.

Tabu Forbidden Eau de Cologne 50ml SprayI love the way this smells !
Carina Grundström,
Review for "Forbidden Eau de Cologne 50ml Spray" version

It is a light, sweet floral that is so pleasant. A sexy fragrance that contains notes of mandarin, black plum blossom, black roses, black narcissus, black jasmine, black musk, Indian sandalwood and sensual black vetiver.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayLovely vintage scent
Carina Grundström,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

It´s luscious oriental floral composition starts with fresh citrus and spicy notes. The spices in the heart accentuate the beauty of exuberant flowers: jasmine, narcissus, rose and ylang-ylang. Warm oriental base includes amber, resins, civet and precious woods, sandal and patchouli.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayNice present for my auntie
Carol Small,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

This is my auntie's favourite perfume I got it for her birthday. The service was very quick I will definitely use this company again

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spraylovely smell ,brings back great memories
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

A gorgeous perfume from past times at a great price! In a lovely box and quick delivery.

Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml SprayTabu eau de cologne 100ml Spray
Antoinette France,
Review for "Dana Tabu Eau de Cologne 100ml Spray" version

I've used Tabu for many many years but it has been harder and harder to get the perfume shops that did sell it no longer do and not many internet perfumed sites do either, its always out of stock and any that do sell it are usually from the USA and there postage charge is not worth buying. So when I saw that Perfume click were a British based company and they had Tabu in stock then I had to order it from them, it was easy to order and a quick delivery, the only thing I would say is I wished they did the full range of Tabu, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Soap, Talc, Body Spray etc etc as I would buy the whole lot. Please take note Perfume Click.

Dana Tabu Deodorant Spray 150mlDana Tabu Deodorant Spray
Barbara Marston,
Review for "Dana Tabu Deodorant Spray 150ml" version

Tabu is an Oriental/Floral fragrance if you like strong long lasing scents you will love this it is my signature scent and although i like trying different perfumes i always go back to this one.


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