Iceberg Perfume & Women's Fragrance

ICEBERG was founded in 1974 by Silvano Gerani and Guiliana Marchini in Italy. It is owned by the Gilmar Group, which was established by the married couple in 1962 outside Rimini. ICEBERG initially sold unconventional knitwear products and sportswear with iconic cartoon motifs which gained the brand some fame in the 80s and 90s. Their range now includes male, female and children's fashion, home ware and exclusive mineral waters, as well as a series of exclusive perfumes. The company wares are available from their own ICEBERG stores and through several retailers worldwide.

Inspired by the American Pop Art genre and eager collectors of its art, Gerani and Marchini created their colourful collections with the latest technologies and materials. The first menswear line was presented in 1974, followed by a womens-wear collection in '76. ICEBERG's runway debut was in Milan in Fall 1995, where the label has been showing their latest collections on a regular basis ever since. ICEBERG previously employed well-known designers such as Marc Jacobs and Giambattista Valli before their breakthrough.

In the 1980s ICEBERG gained attention for their advertising campaign “I Contemporanei" which was staged in cooperation with photographer Oliviero Toscani who produced a range of portraits of famous contemporaries like painter Mimmo Paladino, ballet dancer Carla Fracci, artist Andy Warhol and fellow fashion designers Franco Moschino and Vivienne Westwood. The brand has been endorsed by a number of celebrities including Isabella Rossellini, Paris Hilton, Sophia Coppola and Naomi Campbell.

ICEBERG released their first female fragrance in 1989 and in conjunction with Selective Beauty the company has added new fragrances to their catalogue ever since. The début fragrance was the floral fruity signature fragrance Iceberg for women (1989), followed by great perfumes such as the floral aquatic Twice (1995), the oriental floral The ICEBERG Fragrance (2008) and the floral fruity White Iceberg (2013). The Eau de Iceberg 74 collection includes female fragrances like the floral fruity Eau de Iceberg Pour Femme (2010), the floral Eau de Iceberg Wild Rose (2012) and the woody Eau de Iceberg Sensual Musk (2013). ICEBERG fragrances are created in collaboration with perfumers like Sophie Labbe, Antoine Maisondieu and Sonia Constant.
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