Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing - For Her

By: Jennifer Lopez   Released: 2013

Forever Glowing by Jennifer Lopez is a floral-chypre fragrance for women.

An exotic and sensual composition that reveals itself as a vibrant breeze on your skin; it contains top notes of saffron, delicate white pepper and sweet white honey, which subtly melt in a floral bouquet of neroli, jasmine and suede. Deep patchouli, aromatic iris, toffee caramel and vanilla form the elegant base.

Forever Glowing embodies all the confidence and beauty of a global female icon. It is the first flanker of the fragrance Glowing from 2012. The beautiful bottle reflects the elegance and charm of the singer, with the opaque glass showing the violet scent and the metallic top with the name of the fragrance engraved.

Forever Glowing was launched in 2013.

Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray
Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing Eau de Parfum 30ml SprayLovely powdery floral
Stephanie Nicholson,
Review for "Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing Eau de Parfum 30ml Spray" version

Forever glowing is powdery suede with honey and white flowers. They combination is well blended and with a hint of patchouli and iris it is a dreamy scent.

Jennifer Lopez

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