Jesus del Pozo Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Jesus Del Pozo (1946-2011) was a Spanish fashion designer who opened his first boutique in 1974 in Madrid. For the first few years Jesus Del Pozo designed clothes for men, before finding greater success as a women's wear designer in 1980. Less than a year after his first women’s collection was shown he won the acclaimed Golden Needle award for Best International Collection of the year in 1981.

In 1992 Jesus Del Pozo first entered the world of fragrances. His first scent, Duende For Women (1992) was a floral scent with notes of melon, jasmine and sandalwood. Several fragrances followed and in 1997 he launched Halloween which he, in 2004, won Best Women’s Fragrance of the Year for by Glamour Magazine. Halloween was dedicated to a mysterious woman, a vamp and it contains seductive notes of vanilla, sandalwood and tuberose.

His inspiration has always come from the past and he's always managed to marry it with his own unique personal vision. In 2010 he was quoted “I love women and I love promoting the positive. I do not want uniformity. It is important that each person brings something of his personality, so I try to do flexible and adaptive fashion.”

Jesus Del Pozo was a very successful in his homeland, where his designs were worn by the staff at the Spanish pavilion in the Seville Universal Exposition in 1992 as well as costumes for theatre, ballet and cinematic opera.

After four decades in the world of fashion, Jesus Del Pozo is now considered to be one of the most renowned and credible Spanish houses on a national level, but it wasn’t till after Jesus Del Pozo passed away in 2011 that the brand truly went global. In 2012 the label, Jesus Del Pozo, was purchased by Perfumes & Diseño SA, who hired Josep Font to lead the renaissance of the label and re-branded it, Delpozo. Now you will find the name Delpozo at the New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and other acclaimed fashion events throughout the world.

Jesus Del Pozo went on to win three more awards for his perfumes, one more in 2004 for Best Men’s Fragrance of the Year from GQ Magazine for Quasar, an aromatic fruity fragrance for men. In 2006 he won Best perfume design from Cosmopolitan magazine for J. del Pozo In Black, and the last one came in 2008 for Best Perfume Design for J.del Pozo In White (Cosmopolitan Magazine).
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