Kappa Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Kappa is an Italian sportswear brand with international presence that serves as sponsor for many famous football teams, leagues and sports. The brand was originally founded in Italy in 1916. Im 1951 the company's director, David Vitale, allowed the merge of the company Maglificio Calzificio Torinese with Manifattura Tessuti Maglierie. The brand soon united technical expertise with a passion for sportswear, and created a stamp to signify the quality and endurance of their products.
Kappa was very influenced by the sportswear trends of the late sixties and created Robe di Kappa. In 1969, their famous Omini logo, that symbolises equality, was born.

The Italian national team of football first wore the new fabric that Kappa created to provide more mobility to footballers. The brand sponsored the Olympic games of 1984 and some of the most prestigious American marathons.

Kappa has diversified its activities to beauty products, perfumes and deodorants. The perfume line that they offer has been created in collaboration with the company HOSC. Some of Kappas most popular female fragrances are Acqua Woman (2010), a zesty and bold fragrance with citrus and mimosa; Viola woman (2011), a citric and green fragrance for women with mandarin, galbanum, green leaves and jasmine; Rosa (2010) a woody and delicate fragrance with fruity notes; Perla (2010) a floral and light fragrance; or Moda (2010), an energetic women's fragrance with mandarin, rose and vanilla.
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