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Luciano Soprani was born in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1946. He was the founder of the prestigious Luciano Soprani fashion brand. When he was only 21 years old, he became a designer and worked for Max Mara, Gucci and Nazareno Gabrielli.

The brand reached its highest fame in the 80s, the first proper collection having been launched in 1981. Many celebrities, actors and models have worn Soprani's creations. Luciano Soprani created the bustier-dress that Jacqueline Bisset worn in the movie "Wild Orchid" and is highly remembered for his remarkable night gowns.

Luciano Soprani sadly passed away in 1999, before being able to finish his last clothing line. His legacy remained in the brand, and his style has survived as he was always present in the creative process of the brand's fashion. The brand is now managed by the couple Margherita Ghiseli and Vittorio Petrone. The Luciano Soprani flagship store is in Milan and the brand maintains other large stores in the US and Japan.

Luciano Soprani fragrances are created in collaboration with perfumer Jean Christophe Herault. The first fragrance for women appeared in 1987, with the name Luciano Soprani Donna, with mandarin, vanilla and sandalwood, followed by many other successful creations such as Solo Rosa, from 1998, with a rose-shaped bottle, and fruity and flowery scents. Other Luciano Soprani perfumes for women are Flirt Issimo from 2006, with cedar, amber, raspberry, rose and vetiver and Miss Soprani (2007) with freesia, jasmine and oakmoss.

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Luciano Soprani Miss Soprani Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray
Luciano Soprani Miss Soprani Eau de Toilette 100ml SprayGiry fragrance... so nice !
colin gilby,
Review for "Luciano Soprani Miss Soprani Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray" version

Peony, freesia, ylang-ylang and vetiver are the major notes and it is quite difficult to find out about the other notes ! But it is a straightforward fragrance very girly, with personality. Wearable at work without annoying your colleagues. Good lasting power for an Eau de Toilette though !

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Luciano Soprani
Luciano Soprani Miss Soprani
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