Mäurer & Wirtz Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Michael Mäurer and his stepson Andreas August Wirtz founded their company Mäurer & Wirtz in Aachen, Germany in 1845. They started out by producing perfumed soaps and detergent, but they are today more known for the fragrances.
Mäurer & Wirtz is divided into three different business parts: Beauty, Prestige & 4711.

Their first female Mäurer & Wirtz fragrance, Tosca, was produced in 1921. This was a citrus aldehydic fragrance which was very popular at the time and is still very sought after nowadays by fragrance fans. They have released a handful of women's fragrances and among them most popular are Nonchalance (1960), Nonchalance Fue Blue (1990) and Jolie de Nonchalance (1993). The Acqua Colonia collection was launched in 2009 as a sub-brand of 4711. All the fragrances in this range are unisex and are based on ingredients, rather than aromas.

The intimate connection between tradition and the modern has shaped Mäurer & Wirtz for generations. A combination of reliability, creativity, tradition and innovation has helped this successful company to become a global player with locations in over 140 countries.
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