Mauboussin Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Mauboussin has been one of Paris's most respected jewellers for almost 2 centuries and not without merit. The company, which began life as a small shop in Paris managed by M. Rocher. He was known for his skill as a jeweller and with the help of Jean Baptiste Noury he ran the company until 1869 when his partner took over. This later led to the company being controlled by namesake George Mauboussin, Noury's nephew who had been raised to run the business. By this time the company was known all over Europe for their excellent designs and gemstones but under Mauboussin's guidance the shop grew to a large company and in the early 20's George Mauboussin opened up a new enormous shop near the famous Paris opera with salons and magnificently ornate exhibitions of gemstones. Mauboussin also created bespoke pieces for the superstars of the time, including Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and many European royals.

During the 1920's they incorporated aspects of the then burgeoning art deco style into their designs to great success. The company has carried on through many of the worst crises of the modern world including the Great Depression and two world wars. During the Second World War there was a limit on gold which forced the company to use new and untested materials in their designs which in effect lead to many innovations in the field.

Towards the end of the millennium the company began to create luxury watches decorated with their signature jewellery and in 2000 the very first Mauboussin perfume was released. Mauboussin for women is a warm, balsamic scent with a lovely array of notes including plum, tangerine, jasmine and rose on a base of woods and vanilla. Several Mauboussin fragrances have followed including sweet and fruity Emotion Divine (2007), the sensual oriental L`Elixir Pour Elle (2013) and the mysterious Le Secret D'Arielle (2015), a white floral fragrance locked in a black mirror box with gilded details.
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