Michael Kors Michael - For Her

By: Michael Kors   Released: 2000

Michael by Michael Kors is a floral fragrance for women.

It contains incense, freesia, osmanthus and tamarind in the top, tuberose, iris, peony, orris root and lily in the heart and a base of musk, cashmere wood and vetiver.

Michael was launched in 2000 by Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray
Michael Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 100ml SprayGreat service and delivery
Michael Graham,
Review for "Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray" version

Have purchased this before from Perfume Click. Excellent product daughters favourite perfume. Service from Perfume Click excellent, fast delivery with constant email updates on delivery. Will definitely be using again.

Michael Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 50ml SprayOne of my favoriites Michael Kors
Review for "Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray" version

Long lasting fragrance, fresh smell lots of comments when wearing this, I can smell it on myself throughout the day, good evening fragrance too, can recommend this for all ages. Very good price for 50ml

Michael Kors Michael Gift Set 5ml EDP Rollerball + 5ml Pink Lip GlossTwo for one, both lovely
Katherine Watson,
Review for "Kors Michael Gift Set 5ml EDP Rollerball + 5ml Pink Lip Gloss" version

This is a great two-for-one product. The lip gloss is a wearable colour and the perfume really lasts very well indeed. It's initially a rather sharp scent which then fades to a more woody floral. If you like the individual scent notes (mainly freesia, incense, osmanthus, tuberose, lily, peony, orris root, vetiver and musk) and aren't put off by the vetiver or incense, then this is well worth a try.

Michael Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 100ml SprayTogether forever "L C-B luvs MK 4eva"
Lisa Richardson,
Review for "Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray" version

I was bereft, I'd fallen out of love with my old signature scent (Alien). Don't get me wrong it's gorgeous but I needed a change. We'd grown apart so a trial separation was the way to go. I spent hours (yup I'm that sad) searching for the perfect replacement. I tried the perfume equivalents of match dot com and tinder and armed with a few options to try I trotted off to the shops to sample them. In no time at all I was a walking 'scratch and sniff' model and while I quite liked MK sexy amber and Juicy Couture and Ford's black orchid, nothing really rocked my boat the way Alien did in the early stage of our relationship.Then as I lurked in the duty free shop on holiday, high on the excitement of a trip to the sun and the heady aroma of perfume nirvana, I spotted the discrete MK box and not holding our much hope of being wowed I gave it a spritz. OMG it was heaven, like the scent I always imagined was out there but had never found. I bought it ... I do believe in love at first sight!I spent the entire plane journey smelling my arm where I sprayed it. My son's exact words were "stop sniffing your arm like a wierdo mum". I couldn't help it, I had to keep checking I still loved it.I have had soooo many people asking me which scent I am wearing and when I finished that first bottle I knew I had to have more and 30ml or 50ml just wouldn't be enough. I wanted a litre of this elixir I tell you! But failing that a whopping 100ml would do. I browsed online for a bargain. I have to confess I was worried if I got too good a bargain it would be fake but read up the perfume click reviews and felt safe that my 100ml bottle would be the real deal, I bought it. What a fab bargain and it arrived brilliantly packaged (deserving of this king of all scents) and quickly too so I didn't have to go MK cold-turkey.I still love it, it is still "the one". I kind of like the plain packaging and bottle, it almost feels like it hides away from general public letting all the newer MK blingier fragrances get the spotlight as it waits for the more distinguished explorer to discover it. I suppose I'll share my discovery with you. Was tempted to say it was vile just so there would be more for me mwahahaha but I just couldn't deprive you all.So, I like noticeable, long lasting scents like Alien, Le Classique by JPG, DKNY golden delicious etc etc but this surpasses them all. My absolute favourite scent. I'm a quirky, creative Leo with a spontaneous nature yet business sense and longing for luxury. So, if you are too this could be the one for you.

Michael Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 50ml SprayLove this fragrance so much
Ian Hussey,
Review for "Kors Michael Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray" version

This has been a favourite of my mums for a while now & when I saw it on here at this price I snatched it up. Very strong opening but settles down to an amazing scent & lasts ALL DAY LONG can't recommend this perfume & this website enough.

Michael Kors

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