Molton Brown Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Molton Brown was established in 1973 by Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis and started out as a hair salon. The couple started using their own home-made hair products which worked wonders. Customers flocked to the place to have their hair treated with these special potions. After their popularity grew they began expanding on their range body care products. Staying close to home, all of their products are made in the London area with the use of their own factory located in Elsenham, Essex.

Years ago, Molton Brown used the then unknown model Kate Moss in one of their adverts and you could say that Molton Brown discovered this classic beauty. Their company is also known for it's amazing employee treatment. Preferring building long-term relations rather than having a large staff turnover, benefits include an extra day off on their birthday, an extra week when you get married and free gift cards.

Molton Brown stepped into the world of perfume in 2007 when they launched a set of fragrances. These eau de toilette's, perfumes and colognes were released to compliment their popular collections. The first fragrance that was aimed solely at women was Intoxicating Davana Blossom (2007). This soft, floral and fruity fragrance is created by blending layers of white and yellow florals with a base of jasmine and tolu balsam. This was followed by the creation of Mahina (2013), part of the Navigations Through Scent collection, with thrilling Tahitian accents of vanilla and frangipangi.
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