Nikos Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Nikos is a French fashion house. It's the brainchild of flamboyant Greek designer Nikos Apostolopoulos who is most known for his underwear and tank top designs for men. He often works with very revealing and erotic designs and is said to be inspired by the raw masculinity and idealism seen in the statues and mythology of the ancient Greeks. He has released some designs for women but mostly he deals in underwear for men with some detours in streetwear and sports gear. Nikos outfits are often very sexy and made with stretchy materials, making for a tight fit to show off the body underneath – these clothes are not for the faint of heart!

In 1994 the first Nikos perfume was released; Sculpture Femme. As you might expect it wasn't your average scent and features heavy notes of grass, flowers, iris and cyclamen on a woody base with vanilla for an unusual but very fetching summer scent. This has since been followed up with the lovely sequel Sculpture Delicate Fleur (2010) which is a cooler and cleaner perfume with bamboo, mandarin and musk in a futuristic bottle.

Nikos Timeline

Sculpture Delicate Fleur

Sculpture Delicate Fleur is a feminine blend with top notes of...

Nikos Sculpture Delicate Fleur
SCULPTURE DELICATE FLEURSculpture Delicate Fleur is a feminine blend with top notes of...