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Spotted wearing a Labatt's Beer t-shirt on the jumbotron while attending BC Lions Canadian Football League game in 1989, the beer company was blown away by Pamela Anderson's good looks and offered her a job as their new spokesmodel. The “Blue Zone Girl”, a nickname gifted to her by her ex-partner Dan Ilicic, managed to appear on the cover of Playboy that same year. Pamela secured several more appearance in Playboy among which a centrefold picture, as Playmate of the Month (February 1990) and was the last to person to pose nude in the Playboy (February 2016).

Anderson moved from her place of birth Ladysmith to Vancouver, leaving a rough childhood behind. She didn't stay for long as she soon longed to live the high life and pursue her modelling career in Southern California. Although Pamela Anderson to this day still holds her Canadian nationality, she hasn't looked back since. After her move in 1989 her career started to pick up and she was cast in several roles in small films such as Snapdragon (1993), Raw Justice (1994) and Barb Wire (1996). Her role as C.J. Parker in the original Baywatch (1989-2001) drama series transformed her into a international star. Pamela has also secured a role in the action comedy remake Baywatch (2017) based on the original series, together with her old co-star David Hasselhoff.

After having the honour to write the foreword for the book “Playboy's Greatest Covers”, Anderson launched her first book Star (2004), co-written by Eric Shawn Quinn, which was an instant success and followed up by her more personal second book Star Struck (2006), revealing more of her private life with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Known to be a firm animal rights activist, Pamela received the first ever Linda McCartney Memorial Award in 1999 for her efforts to protect and improve animal rights. Pamela has released multiple collections such as cosmetics, shoes and fragrance and she made sure all of them are animal cruelty-free and vegan. She launched a set of two Pamela Anderson perfumes in 2009. The two fragrances, Malibu Day and Malibu Night are housed in a breathtaking stone-shaped bottle. Where Malibu Day is a sweet, citrusy scent, Malibu Night leans more towards woody and powdery. As the names suggest they are intended for day and evening use respectively.

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Pamela Anderson Malibu Night Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray
Pamela Anderson Malibu Night Eau de Parfum 50ml SprayA sweet treat for the evening...
David Taylor,
Review for "Pamela Anderson Malibu Night Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray" version

I do have some reservations about this perfume as it does have a slightplasticy patchouli smell to it but I think it does grow on you. I like the fragrance for what it is but I wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking or adding anything new to the perfume world.

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Malibu by Pamela Anderson is a fresh fragrance ideal for beach...

Malibu Night

Malibu Night by Pamela Anderson is floral, fruity and gourmand...