Paul's Boutique Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Paul's Boutique is a British fashion brand mainly known for their unique bags and jewellery. It started off on Portobello Road in London's famous Notting Hill district, home of the legendary Portobello market where you can buy all kinds of things including fresh produce, antiques, clothes and jewellery. Founder Paul Slade was selling his bags on the market and thanks to their attention-getting-catching designs and excellent quality he was able to turn his small business into a brand. During the early days Paul's Boutique was more known for their almost cartoonish designs with lots of neon and clashing colours but they have recently evolved into a more refined fashion house, changing their logo and dropping their products from most stores in the UK to focus on a few flagship locations with a more limited assortment of products. The bags really stand out with their mix of elegant shapes and cuts and street-smart modern influences. Paul Slade is said to get most of inspiration right from the streets of London where he started out, and it really shows!

Paul's Boutique has also launched a fragrance to go with their amazing bags and accessories. 24/7 is a scent designed to last all day and to work both during the PM and AM. The smaller size comes in a limited edition box which opens like a book to reveal a golden bottle on satin lining. The Paul's Boutique perfume contains notes of fruits and florals on a warm base.

Paul's Boutique