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Penthouse Perfume & Women's Fragrance

There are few major publications that have been as controversial as Penthouse, the men's publication which hit shelves in 1965. The magazine quickly set itself apart from main rival Playboy by featuring more naughty material as well as deep-digging journalism that didn't shy away from showing the darker side of modern life. They even had their own versions of the Playgirls known as the Penthouse Pets. The magazine spread to many countries was an enormously prosperous, making editor and founder Guccione one of the richest publishers in America. As the years went by the publication became more hardcore than ever before. Penthouse was also known for the very recognizable and typically 70's “soft focus” style of photography which was inspired by founder Bob Gucciones background in painting.

The magazine has now expanded into a lifestyle brand including Penthouse Spirits, which features high quality distilled liquor and mixed cocktails as well as a set of Penthouse perfumes. Blooming Passion (2011) is a great scent for women with notes of grapefruit, pear, blackberry and sweet pea. The perfume comes in a gorgeous glass bottle in the shape of a flower. Passionate (2014) is a sexy and creamy evening scent while Playful (2014) is a scrumptious gourmand perfume with floral and fruity notes from pear, candied almonds, vanilla and peony.

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Passionate by Penthouse is a women's fragrance that was launched...


Playful by Penthouse is a floral and fruity fragrance for...

Penthouse Blooming Passion