Revlon Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Revlon is a cornerstone of the cosmetic, beauty and fragrance industry. Their affordable prices, high quality items and innovative products have made sure that Revlon has been a firm market leader since their beginnings in the 1930's.

Revlon's history starts in 1932 when Charles and Joseph Revson wanted to create a nail polish to go with the scarlet-lipped, cigarette-smoking Hollywood actresses of the day. Usual nail polish was made with dyes, but the Revlon nail polish was made with pigments, giving it more coverage and fuller stronger colours. Revlon gave their polish evocative names such as Fatal Apple and Kissing Pink, which described the colour and also offered customers novelty. The Revlon nail enamel was a huge success and within just 6 years Revlon was a multimillion-dollar company.

Revlon is a company with a lot of firsts. Revlon was the first company to show a woman wearing pants in the perfume ad for Charlie; Revlon was also among the first who replaced animal tests with alternative safety testing method. A pioneer in dermatology, they were the first company to use an estrogen precursor in their cosmetic cream and Revlon was the company who introduced the world’s first American fashion designer fragrance, Norman Norell.

The Revlon Charlie fragrance line was introduced in 1973 and today there are more than 20 fragrances in this range which are all aimed at young, working women. Revlon Charlie perfume was marketed well, and the floral-aldehyde fragrance became the world's top selling perfume within three years of its launch. There has been several perfume ads for Revlon Charlie, one featuring Lauren Hutton and Cindy Crawford. Oprah Winfrey dedicated a whole segment of her popular talk show to speak about the impact of the Charlie perfume ads. The Charlie ads inspired Oprah, making her want to be like the confident and fabulous Charlie Girls.

Other iconic Revlon perfumes include Moon Drops, a warm spicy signature scent which was launched in 1970; Revlon Intimate from 1955. It is a spicy vintage scent from a time gone by, bewitching and sensual.
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