Rochas Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Rochas is a French perfume and design house. It was opened by Marcel Rochas in 1925 and was originally a haute couture house that created elegant and modern fashion for women. Among other things they were known for introducing the pocketed skirt.

The company got a new start when the very first Rochas perfumes were released in 1934. This first line of scents included Avenue Matignon and Audace. Rochas fragrances weren't actually an instant hit and they were discontinued when supplies got thin during the Second World War. However, the release of Femme Rochas 1943 was a huge success and would with time move Rochas to become more involved with fragrances than fashion. Femme is a soft, complex and very feminine scent with supple notes of peach, plum and apricot which leads into florals like rose and carnation on a lovely base of leather, oakmoss and amber. During this time Rochas tended to release their scents with accompanying lipsticks and stockings which is commonplace today but quite unusual at the time.

The perfumes, with Femme in the lead, eventually became such a success that they completely overshadowed the fashion division. Rochas stopped selling couture almost altogether in the early 1950's. A few years later Marcel Rochas passed away and the company was taken over by his wife. Under her guidance she turned Rochas into an important multinational perfume house, releasing great scents for women like Mystere (1978), a mysterious oriental and floral fragrance and Byzance (1987), a chypre scent inspired by the Byzantine empire with exotic notes of spices, turkish rose, cardamom, sandalwood, helitrope and musk. The fun and colourful Tocade (1994) was another success for the brand with a refreshing green top on a warm and fresh middle with powdery vanilla in the base. The bottle brings to mind a fruity cocktail.

In 2002 the company started creating fashion again under the creative leadership of Olivier Theyskens and regained their status as haute couture house with gowns and dresses that pushed the envelope. They earned themselves a slew of celebrity fans, including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker who are often seen in their creations.
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