So...? Superstar - For Her

By: So...?   Released: 2006

So Superstar is a bubbly and vibrant fruity fragrance. It combines juicy pomegranate, fresh orange and passion fruit with lily of the valley and a heavenly almond musk base note.

So...? Superstar Eau de Toilette 30ml Spray
So...? Superstar Eau de Toilette 30ml SprayI love this sweet, spicy fragrance.
Carina Grundström,
Review for "So...? Superstar Eau de Toilette 30ml Spray" version

Wow! This smells like a much more expensive perfume than it is. Try it and you might find it suitable for some occasion or just for the sake of owning a good scent for yourself. So...? Superstar is a mixture of pomegranate, fresh oranges and passion fruit for a fragrance that attracts and turns heads.


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