Stella McCartney Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Born to photographer Linda and Beatles member Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney had quite a normal childhood considering who her parents were. After attending a local school in the British countryside, Stella graduated from St. Martins in 1995. Pursuing a career in the fashion industry she was offered her first major job at Chloe in 1997. Fulfilling the position of creative director, Stella was able to learn all the tricks of the trade. After leaving Chloe to chase a childhood dream she started her own, eponymous, company. Debuting her first women's collection on in France in 2001. Over a business breakfast she met her husband Alasdhair Willis (m. 2003), who has never missed one of her fashion shows. They have four children together and just like the McCartneys they hope to raise them in the countryside.

Stella McCartney items are now a staple in many refined closets. While creating fashion items such as heels, handbags, clothing and more, she always keeps in mind that her pieces need to look good on a person and not only on the runway. As she grew up a vegetarian, fabrics such as leather and fur are not incorporated in her designs. In 2012 she was presented with the Order of the British Empire and won the H&M Conscious Award in 2013.
Stella has worked with influential names in the industry and she has produced entire collections with the likes of Adidas and H&M. She also co-designed, and was the brain behind, the 2016 British Olympic kits.

Stella's products are sold in over 20 freestanding stores in London, Soho and Paris. Her items are also available in over 200 department stores. Entering the world of perfumes in 2003 with the launch of Stella, she has now over 25 fragrances in her portfolio. Some of our favourites are the original Stella and the reformulated variant (2014), which can be told apart from the golden accent on the bottle. While Stella is focuses on a rose note, L.I.L.Y (2012) has a musky and earthy aroma. Opening with a strong note of truffle, which eases into a heart of lily of the valley resting on a base of oak moss.
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