Tommy Hilfiger Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Tommy Hilfiger’s road to success was very often undermined by several obstacles. A period of bankruptcy forced him to close his store in his native town in Elmira (NY) and re-start his business from scratch. It wasn’t until 1985 when he introduced his menswear collection that he created the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. His casual and sporty style was embraced by young American professionals who adopted the clothes’ “preppy” look. His collection was nonetheless very diverse and it also became popular within music celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, David Bowie and Britney Spears. A decade from the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation launch, the company received its first international recognition and obtained the title of Menswear Design of the Year from the Fashion Designers of America. Tommy Hilfiger’s empire today includes more than 1,400 retail stores throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

His broad portfolio also includes various Tommy Hilfiger branded fragrances, produced with parent company Estee Lauder. Within the female fragrances Tommy Girl is a bestseller and is composed by a bright floral scent and tangy citrus accords. To capture women’s versatility, Tommy Hilfiger released the Tommy Girl Prep collection, which presents exciting combinations of exquisite scents such as green apple and pink peppercorn. Tommy Hilfiger’s Pear Blossom is a capricious and delicious scent of sweet fruits and contrasting notes of cinnamon and sandalwood, perfect to stand out even in casual wear. A notable mention must go to Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud fragrance for women, which fuses the warmth of sandalwood to relaxing scents of rose and patchouli.
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