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Aftershave Spray

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An aftershave spray is simply an aftershave that comes in a spray bottle, as opposed to the open splash bottle that is quite common. An aftershave is mainly intended to be used after shaving to soothe the skin and prevent that cuts and rashes caused by the razor get inflamed or infected. For this reason it often contains a large amount of alcohol, which works as an antiseptic. Aftershaves are almost always scented and popular brands like Davidoff, Dior, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith and many other all offers a selection of their best fragrances in aftershave spray form. This makes it ideal for travelling.

While sometimes used to describe all kinds of scents for men, a real aftershave actually has a much lower concentration of pure fragrance compared with what you would find in an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum. These types of scents will last much longer and are recommended if you’re just in the market for a scent and don’t intend to use the aftershave spray for its antiseptic qualities. Unlike the splash bottle version, the spray is easier to handle and will cause less spillage.

How to use an aftershave spray:
Apply after shaving. Simply spray the aftershave into your open hand and work into the face and neck area.
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