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Hair Mist

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A hair mist, also known as hair fragrance, is a perfume designed to scent your hair. Similarly to a body mist, hair mists offer a light, refreshing scent and are perfect for topping up during the day. Many hair mists also provide moisture with added oils, vitamins and natural extracts to give your hair an extra boost during the day.

A hair mist is also a great alternative to the fragrances you love that are too strong for daytime wear. In addition, they are usually quite a bit cheaper than ordinary perfumes so they’re great for trying out a scent before you take the plunge and get a full bottle! Unlike other hair products, hair mists are suitable for all hair types; so it doesn’t matter if you have curly, coloured, long, blonde or brunette hair, they work well on everyone! So why use hair mists? Hair fragrances get rid of unpleasant smells that like to stick to the hair (like tobacco) making your hair smell amazing. Some of them nurture the hair or even have cosmetic effects. Winter shimmer mists, for example, make your hair glow and keep it radiant. Fruity hair fragrances, on the other hand, are the perfect accessory for the summer, adorning your hair with a fresh smell of citruses, coconut or tropical fruit!

How to apply hair mist:
Shake the bottle and spray the mist on your dry hair. Apply multiple times in the day as desired.

Treat yourself with a lovely cheap hair mist from Thierry Mugler or one of the other popular brands available on Perfume Click!
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