Talc Powder

Scented talc powder or talcum powder is a great alternative to your regular perfume or body spray. Popular talc scents include lavender, orchid and rose, which are very popular among men and women today. However, talc powder is also an outstanding makeup ingredient which is found in many different types of cosmetics. Some people use it to make makeup products like lipsticks last longer or as an alternative to face powder. In addition, talc powder is often used as an additional layer to face makeup to help add texture and absorb oil. It can also thicken and add length to your natural lashes instead of fake eyelashes!

Talc powder is of course made from talc, the soft mineral used in baby powder and corn starch. Talc is an ingredient that has been popular since ancient times for many different purposes, from making paper to use as an antiperspirant. Throughout its long history, talc powder has kept its multitasking nature, having a wide range of uses even today. Thanks to its absorbing qualities talc is really beneficial to people with dry skin and those who suffer from acne, soothing and relaxing the skin. Another great use of talc powder is in hair care. It works great in dry shampoo, soaking up excess oil and grease from your hair. It should not be confused with baby powder, which is an astringent powder that has a different composition.

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