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Rimmel is one of the oldest still active cosmetics producers in the world, founded in London in the year 1834.
Originally the company did not deal with make-up but instead sold luxury perfumes. However, shortly after the opening of the very first store French founder Eugène Rimmel saw the need for other kinds of products and started tinkering with make-up. This led to him coming up with what we today call mascara. In fact, the black brush was so associated with Eugène in the 1800's that there are many European countries where mascara is still referred to as 'rimmel' in general. Rimmel would go on to pioneer several other products such as mouth rinse and scented hair pomades. He was also one of the first to advertise using product catalogues that were sent out in the mail.

In the 1940's Rimmel switched hands but would continue to be a major player and innovator in cosmetics. With the help of Coty they have been able expand globally and Rimmel products are now sold all over the world. Today they are known for their tagline “Get The London Look” and their dedication to versatile quality products that are just as affordable as they are on-trend.
In 2011 Kate Moss created and launched a lipstick range for Rimmel – bang on trend with her own colour range which was a huge success.
In 2016 Rita Ora joined the Rimmel brand taking advertising to a new level - make-up artists, bloggers and vloggers were invited to create a London inspired look. The winner was to meet Rita Ora and become global Rimmel ambassadors, creating new online marketing for the brand, keeping Rimmel fresh and on-trend with what’s happening in the real world.

Among the most popular Rimmel products we find the Volume Flash Max Mascara with its striking pink packaging and reliable lash-expanding volume, the Long Lasting Foundation which does exactly what it says and the I Love Lasting Nail Polish which lives up to its name with extremely durable polishes in a wide range of bright shades.
The #alipstickrevolution or TheOnly1 is a favourite Rimmel lipstick of ours. Vibrant colour, gives you moisture, comfort and long lasting power – No trade off and no compromise – what’s not to like?
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