Max Factor Cosmetics

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Max Factor isn't just the name of the company but the name of a real person. Max Factor was a Polish-American businessman who some credit with creating the modern beauty industry through his product innovations and business practices. He is also known for his film industry work.

In 1914 Max Factor invented a new version of the grease stick that was used for theatre make-up. This new version could be applied in a thinner layer which made it look more natural on film. Through this innovation Max Factor became the go-to man for film make-up. He also sold realistic wigs made of human hair for use in films.

Factor didn't just develop products for the film industry; his two sons helped the business to expand to the general public where they among other products sold eyebrow pencils, foundation, and the new innovative Color Harmony range which contains powders for all skin colours. In 1930 Max Factor invented the modern lip gloss. This was originally made for the use in the movies, making the lips shiny on screen. Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jeane Mortenson, two blonde bombshells of the time wore luscious red Max Factor lipstick and one of the slogans from Max Factor was that every girl could look like her favourite movie star if she too would wear Max Factor makeup.

When Max Factor passed away in 1938 his son took over the business, keeping it in the family. The first new product created after his passing was the Tru Color Lipstick that was made with a smear-proof formulation. This was in fact the first smear-proof lipstick in the world! 1954 was the year of yet another invention – the concealer. Erace Concealer quickly became the industry standard and was used on most TV and film productions up until the arrival of HD! Max Factor was also the first company to release waterproof makeup in 1971.

As the godfather of fake lashes it was only natural that it was Max Factor who came up with the False Lash Effect mascara. The first version of the False Lash Effect was launched in 2008 and it's been a best-selling product ever since. Other mascaras from Max Factor are the 2000 Calorie Mascara which has been a firm favourite for makeup artist for over two decades, no smudging and quick drying lashes with a dramatic effect – Simply Fantastic and Love this! are some of the reviews you will find online when searching for Max Factor mascara.

In 2015 Max Factor launched a Star Wars themed range to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The range included already released products (Colour Elixir Lipsticks and False Lash Effect Mascara) in Star Wars packaging and 6 especially designed make-up looks.
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