Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics

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Elizabeth Arden opened her famous Red Door Salon on New York’s legendary Fifth Avenue in 1910 and began offering her own beauty treatments and cosmetics.

The brand was a real beauty pioneer and is credited with popularising eye makeup, colour coordination and in-store beauty classes. Her range of make-up was targeted towards everyday women and a large part of her success was through teaching her customers how best to use her products. This was at a time when cosmetics were mostly seen as low class but Arden was able changed this perception through hard work and know-how.

Today Elizabeth Arden is one of the oldest and most esteemed beauty brands in the world, not just selling beauty products but perfumes and skincare products as well. They are now part of the Revlon group after a sale was brokered in 2016.

The Elizabeth Arden cosmetics range includes popular products such as the ever-popular Flawless Finish foundation and the Eight Hour lip balm, which is based on the legendary cream of the same name. Many of their products are available for all the major skin types so you can find something that both looks good and agrees with your skin. Arden’s hypo-allergenic mascara is infused with goodness, giving your lashes some well deserved vitamins and moisture while providing amazing volume and colour. When it’s time to clean up their excellent cleansers not only get rid of any makeup traces but also gently exfoliates and soothes the skin.

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