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Kin Cosmetics Haircare

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Kin Cosmetics was founded in 1932 by Gregorio Bosacoma in Costa Brava, Spain. He had a workshop where he dyed fabrics but when women's haircare became more developed the hair dressers of the area demanded Bosacoma create some dye products to change the colour of hair. This is how he unwittingly ended up starting a successful haircare business.
The company had to stop their business in 1936 due to the Spanish Civil War, and 4 years later, when the company restarted its business, Gregorio died. He was succeeded by his son Leonci, whose new business approach and self-taught expertise provided moved Kin Cosmetics forward and helped it develop into what it is today. Over generations, the brand continued to grow, improving its own image and starting to sell products outside Spain, even if their central headquarters remain in Costa Brava, Spain.
Kin doesn't just specialize in colouring products, it also produces a very popular collection of hair treatments, Kinactif, for different hair types, oil treatments called Kinessences, finishing products under the name Kinstyle, everyday products called Kinworks as well as a series of shaping treatments - Kinliss.

The most popular collection is Kinessences Color, a non-ammonia colouring range for all hair types and Cerakin Plus Technology, a revolutionary innovation that combines active principles with Multicolor Shades+ to provide more intense and long-lasting colouring.
The Complexe Trico Active Force is a shock-treatment to prevent hair loss and boost hair restoration with white tea, B vitamin complex and Bioproline.

The exclusive Kinmen men's range includes treatments developed with red seaweed, amongst many other natural ingredients, to strengthen the hair and revitalize the hair fibres. Within this range, Kin Cosmetics offers the Energy Shampoo-Gel Kinmen, a moisturising and revitalizing daily shampoo, restoring the natural shine of the hair. It also contains anti-stress properties thanks to its unique components, such as guarana extract, red seaweed extract and other natural substances.
Products like Force Tonic Kinmen reinforces the hair and avoids hair-loss with the PROCAPILO principle, teka extract, red seaweed and several natural extracts. Mat Wax Kinmen is a matt wax to give short hair texture and structure without the use of artificial substances like silicones and parabens.
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