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Shampoo is the one hair product that most people, and even animals won't go without. It is a thick cleansing liquid used to clean your hair and scalp and remove sebum. Sebum is an oil released from your skin on your scalp into the hair follicle that keeps your hair lubricated. Traditional shampoo is applied to the whole of your hair while wet, as well as massaged into a lather and worked around the scalp before rinsing off.

There are however a lot of options when it comes to shampoo and not “only” with the aim to keep the hair and scalp clean. Shampoo in its pure modern form today was introduced in the 1930’s and was called the “Drene Shampoo”. It was the first one not to be produced with soap and instead using synthetic surfactant.

The Shampoo is marketed and produced for different needs and for different demographic groups in the modern world. There are shampoos specified for children that are supposed to be less irritating for your skin and your eyes. There shampoos tailored for adult men and women with various different fragrances and properties.

You will be able to find shampoos designed specifically to cleanse all different hair types such as dry, fine, oily, coloured, damaged and soft hair. This also goes hand in hand with choosing the correct one for your scalp to help treat an oily, dry, flaky, sensitive or itchy scalp.

Once you have found the right shampoo for your hair and scalp type, you can then choose from various properties such as; moisturising, volumizing, use on colour treated hair, nourishing, maintaining, silver effect to neutralise yellow blonde hair and the removal of dandruff.

There are shampoos with medicinal properties while there are others that are more focused on aesthetics and created the best visible appearance. Some shampoo are supposed to be easy to rinse, give minimal irritation for your eyes and skin and also help to repair damaged hair. Shampoos such as Olaplex are hugely popular and have an overall repairing ethos with their shampoos. Milk_shake and L'Oréal are other popular shampoo brands that maintain coloured hair but also help damaged hair.
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