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In 1974 Solange Dessimoulie started her own natural skin care brand called Cléor – a brand built on her own experience in the beauty industry. After meeting aromatherapist Caroline Colliard in 1976 and bringing her into the company, Solange changed the name of the company to what we know it as today; Decléor.

Decléor blends traditional skincare with essential oils and aromatherapy (also known as Aromessence), only using the best quality ingredients on the market. The very first serum made by Decléor is the Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum, which is still one of their best selling products. This multi-award winning serum contains a blend of essential oils that makes it the perfect hydration for all skin types.

Decléor is well known for their many types of moisturisers. They have both day creams such as the best selling Hydra Floral Hydrating Light Cream as well as night creams made from natural waxes and butters to restore and nourish the skin while you get your beauty sleep.

Decléor Men Essentials is a newer range focusing on the needs of men's facial cleansing and moisturising. Even though this is a more affordable range Solange and Colliard have not given up on the quality of the products. The range includes the popular Men Essentials Clean Skin Scrub Gel with clove and eucalyptus oil that can be used before shaving or to cleanse the skin at night. The range also include an Aromessence Triple Action Shave Perfector Serum that will protect your skin during shaving.

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